Mobility commander provides update on AF, AMC priorities

  • Published
  • By Gen. Arthur J. Lichte
  • Air Mobility Command Commander
To the Men and Women of Air Mobility Command:

If the last 90 days are any indication, 2008 is turning out to be an amazing year for Air Mobility Command.

Most recently, March was a record-setting month for mobility Airmen supporting the Global War on Terror. More than 120,000 passengers were transported into, out of and within the Middle East and Horn of Africa, and more than 41 million tons of cargo were shipped in support of the joint warfighter. Adding these achievements to an already-impressive list, air mobility professionals supporting USCENTCOM set new records for the number of passengers and the amount of cargo moved in a one-month period.

Going back further, we closed out February with the long-awaited announcement of the KC-45A tanker award. As the first increment of a three-decade long process, we are eager to field the new tanker as quickly as possible as we continue the modernization and recapitalization efforts we have all focused on for so long. Making the investments today to ensure tomorrow's dominance is our obligation to the next generation of Airmen, joint warfighters and Americans.

But, it was in January when a significant, yet subtle, milestone occurred -- the update of the AF's Priorities. The AF's Priorities have been an effective rallying point for the entire Air Force -- to get us flying on the same heading in a challenging environment. The original priorities were very effective for us as Airmen and, in fact, became a focal point for people looking at the Air Force from outside our ranks. As a result, General Moseley and Secretary Wynne decided to update the priorities' wording to make the message equally effective for both those in and out of uniform.

In January of this year, the Air Force published the updated version of its priorities. The priorities are now: (1) Win Today's Fight, (2) Take Care of Our People and (3) Prepare for Tomorrow's Challenges. The new language is succinct and direct. And, the basic theme of mission, people and tomorrow remains the same. So, even though the words are new, our vector remains the same.

As a command, we will transition to the priorities' new wording over the next several months. My intent is to make this change gracefully and cost-effectively. Continue to use existing products (banners, flyers, etc.) until they are replaced through attrition. Use the updated wording on new products as they are created.

As I look forward to the rest of 2008, I am incredibly proud of everything mobility Airmen have (and continue to) accomplish every day around the world. Your dedication and service provides the clenched fist and outstretched hand of Global Reach that is prized by our nation's leaders, depended on by the joint warfighter, and cherished by those in need of humanitarian assistance. I'm confident the rest of 2008 will hold even more successes.