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  • Expeditionary Center’s new commander “comes home” to Air Force

    Brigadier Gen. Stephen Snelson took command of the of the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center in a ceremony here July 12, 2024. Maj. Gen. John Klein, who served as the EC’s commander for the past two years, is headed to the Pentagon where he will serve at Headquarters Air Force as the Assistant

  • Exercise Turbo Distribution 24-2

    Travis Air Force Base, Calif. — The 621st Contingency Response Wing and the U.S. Army's 119th Inland Cargo Transfer Company (ICTC) participated in Exercise Turbo Distribution 24-2 at Amedee Army Airfield from June 18 - 24. This was one of four Turbo Distribution exercises for the year organized by

  • Contingency response wing pilot soars into real-world operation

    Contingency Response Airmen are called to perform more than their immediate duties. Home to 42 different Air Force Specialty Codes, the 621st Contingency Response Wing embodies the Mission Capable Airman concept by training Airmen to perform tasks outside of their normal job. An example of this are

  • Do Ask, Do Tell: A Pride Story

    Pride has many definitions, for example, one definition is actually a designation for a group of lions, but the most well-known definition of pride is respect and appreciation for oneself and others as members of a group, especially a marginalized group with a shared identity, history and/or

  • 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing Change of Command

    U.S. Air Force Col. Jens Lyndrup took the reins of the 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing from outgoing commander Col. Kyle Benwitz during a change of command ceremony at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, June 18, 2024.The transfer of command is physically represented by the passing of the