From the commander: 'Airpower...From the Ground Up!' is more than a motto

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Kip L. Self
  • U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center Commander
"Airpower...From the Ground Up!": This is more than a motto for the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center "Eagles." It is the way we, the Air Force, are able to fly, fight and win in today's contingencies. 

At the Expeditionary Center, we provide the education and training that ensures the success of AMC's mission and often the missions of our Joint partners. Due to the more than 70 advanced academic and field training courses taught at the center, Mobility Air Forces, or MAF, are faster and more precise. 

Our advanced classes in unit deployment operations and cargo and passenger movement ensure the "varsity" is on the field when the Execute Order drops. Our command and control, or C2, experts teach the skills that bridge the globe by delivering the right expertise with the right Airman at the right time. Wings, theater air operations centers and our own 618th Tanker Airlift Control Center benefit from our C2 instruction and on-site expertise. 

When it comes to Global Reach Laydown, or GRL, Air Mobility Command's en route system and contingency response wings ensure the "goods" are delivered from fort to foxhole. It is the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center's cadre who trains these professionals in the advanced skills necessary to operate and sometimes survive in the toughest environments. 

When we think of AMC's mission to provide airlift, air refueling, aeromedical evacuation and expeditionary combat support, the Expeditionary Center "Eagles" can take pride in the fact that all this capability is predicated on what is taught by our seasoned and accredited cadre. In the future, we will have similar effect within the joint community as we provide essential C2 training to U.S. Transportation Command and advanced GRL in form of joint task force-port opening and counter improvised explosive device training. 

Our most significant achievement may be the strides we are making to develop and disseminate formal tactics, techniques and procedures, or TTPs, throughout the expeditionary enterprise. 

Similar to what the Air Force Warfare Center does for aircrew, we are leading the charge to ensure that our expeditionary combat support Airmen have the same understanding of the most recent TTPs necessary to succeed. The Expeditionary Center's ability to react to real-world needs and adapt training will keep our Airmen safe no matter what the scenario. 

We haven't forgotten the importance of leadership in any of our expeditionary operations. We develop leaders at all levels from E-1 to 0-7. We provide expeditionary commanders pre-deployment training so they hit the ground fully prepared for their tour and can immediately focus on the mission. We do the same for the directors on the "Commander of Air Force Forces," or COMAFFOR, staff. General officers and select colonels receive Director of Mobility Forces training which gives them the essentials to advise the COMAFFOR on mobility operations across the spectrum of MAF missions. 

In all, you are part of a growth industry whose stock is rising. Lots to be proud of as you make a difference daily. Still lots to do as there are more warriors out there who need our help delivering "Airpower...From the Ground Up!