Exercise Turbo Distribution 24-2

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Levi Reynolds
  • 621st Contingency Response Wing Public Affairs

Travis Air Force Base, Calif. — The 621st Contingency Response Wing and the U.S. Army's 119th Inland Cargo Transfer Company (ICTC) participated in Exercise Turbo Distribution 24-2 at Amedee Army Airfield from June 18 - 24. This was one of four Turbo Distribution exercises for the year organized by United States Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) and designed to enhance rapid deployment and logistics capabilities, crucial for responding to global contingencies.

Turbo Distribution 24-2 tested the units' ability to establish and operate an aerial port of debarkation (APOD), including the offloading, processing, and onward movement of cargo and personnel. The exercise included scenarios designed to simulate the complexities of deploying forces and equipment to austere environments.

"The Total Force Contingency Response community is always seeking to improve how we operate, and the volume of observers from a wide range of specialties meant all functions had a chance to learn and further hone their craft.” Said Lt. Col. Caroline Tetrick, 721 Contingency Response Squadron director of operations. “Exercise Turbo Distribution is the only exercise whose sole purpose is for the Air Force and Army to jointly plan and execute the JTF-PO (Joint Task Force-Port Opening) mission. The integration of the two services is critical to success at this exercise-- it advances key relationships between participating units and improves cross-service communication, providing an advantage to those units in the event they are called upon to execute the JTF-PO mission as part of the Immediate Response Force.”

Throughout the exercise, personnel from both units worked closely to coordinate and execute various logistical tasks, including cargo handling, vehicle operations, and maintaining communication networks. This collaboration is key to ensuring seamless operations during actual deployments.

“Turbo Distribution forces us back into the regulations and do our job as outlined in black and white, while also exposing us to complex base defense scenarios that a lot of career fields in the Contingency Response community are not normally exposed too” Said Tech. Sgt. Rodney Moeller, 721 CRS assistant flight chief of air mobility operations, “The most important take away for me is that we [the CR & Inland Cargo Transfer Company] have proven during this iteration that we are ready and can execute a Joint Task Force-Port Opening anytime, anywhere with seamless integration.”

The successful completion of Turbo Distribution 24-2 highlighted the readiness and adaptability of the 721st CRS and the 119th ICTC, reinforcing their roles in the rapid deployment of military assets worldwide.