571 MSAS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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  • 621st Contingency Response Wing Public Affairs

Every September 15 through October 15, the United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, a period that recognizes the significant contributions of Hispanic and Latin Americans to the country's history, culture and achievements.

This month was not just a testament to the diverse mosaic of American society, but it also holds particular resonance for units like the 571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron and their unique mission in Latin America.

The primary mission of the 571 MSAS is to build partner capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean through security force assistance missions, a vital aspect of integrating allies and partners in the pursuit of strategic objectives. Given that many of these countries have deep Hispanic roots, the appreciation and understanding stemming from Hispanic Heritage Month allow 571 MSAS personnel to strengthen cultural bridges. Recognizing and celebrating shared values, histories and stories form the foundation of mutual trust and cooperation.

Knowledge of Hispanic culture, gained through both personal experiences and the celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month, provides members of the 571 MSAS with a better understanding of the societies they work with. This cultural competence goes beyond language fluency. It entails understanding nuances, traditions, and beliefs that are pivotal in negotiations, training, and day-to-day interactions, ensuring mission success and the ability to build enduring partnerships.

The U.S. military reflects the broader American society, and as such, many members of the 571 MSAS have Hispanic heritage. By celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, the squadron honors their contribution and underscores the importance of representation. This diversity allows the 571 MSAS to gain firsthand insight into Latin American culture, which is invaluable in their advisory role.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, the 571 MSAS will host weekly discussions highlighting the lives, achievements and contributions of notable Airmen of Hispanic and Latin American heritage. Additionally, they will introduce and share traditional Latin American dishes with their peers, emphasizing that food is a powerful medium that connects us and offers insight into a culture's core.

Commemorating this month, the 571 MSAS solidifies its commitment to fostering and maintaining regional partnerships. It sends a clear message that collaboration is not only about strategic interests but also about celebrating shared heritage and working towards common goals.

¡Feliz Mes de la Herencia Hispana!